Good relationships are essential to your business success

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Good relationships are essential to your business success.

Connections with customers, clients, vendors, suppliers, and service providers impact your bottom line. Here’s how to develop a strong relationship with your Managed Service Provider (MSP).

  • Improve efficiency and flexibility
  • Enhance security and compliance
  • Take a proactive approach to system maintenance
  • Reduce costs and enjoy predictable pricing
  • Gain access to new technologies

Along with overseeing smooth IT operations, the MSP’s experts can advise and consult. The following strategies can help you build a good relationship with your MSP.

Open the Lines of Communication

Transparency in the relationship can make a big difference. With a deeper knowledge of your needs, the MSP can better plan your technology solutions. Communicate goals and the direction you want to take your business. This lets the MSP collaborate to enhance your IT capabilities.

Invest the Time Upfront

As with any relationship that will stand up long-term, you’ll need to invest some time upfront. Taking a “pay and be done with it” approach will reduce the relationship’s value.

You don’t want a “one size fits all” IT solution from your MSP. To solve IT problems with a tailored solution, the MSP needs to understand your needs. They need to survey and access existing technology and understand your IT strategy.

This can seem counter intuitive. Why am I spending more time now talking about IT when the goal is to think about it less? Because this “getting to know you” phase is critical to a successful setup. Your MSP wants to provide a superior service. To leverage available tech, they need to know how to setup a solution that satisfies your needs. The good news is that once it’s up and running, your time spent managing and monitoring IT is dramatically reduced.

Review the Relationship

No, you don’t need to go to couples counseling together. Still, it will help your relationship with the MSP if you check-in regularly. Someone at your business should have scheduled updates with the MSP account manager. This is an opportunity for you both to explore what’s working and what’s not and discuss future plans. If you currently are using our MSP service and want to schedule an in person update, please call us at (416) 645-2469, (905) 667-0441 or email us and let us know.

Relationships grow and evolve. Laying the groundwork from the outset for a good relationship with your MSP. You’ll be glad you did. The better the relationship, the bigger the benefits to your bottom line.

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