How MYKI Respects Your Privacy

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How MYKI Respects Your Privacy

The following is a reprint from MYKI:

Privacy was one of the biggest issues of the last decade in tech.

From Cambridge Analytica to Siri and Alexa, people have become more aware and concerned with what data is being collected about them and how that data is being used.

Privacy has been our priority from the start, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to remind you about exactly how MYKI handles privacy and the data it collects from you.

No cloud, no problem

First and foremost, MYKI does not have access to any of the data you store in it, which includes passwords, 2FAs, payment card details, secure notes, and anything else you choose to save in MYKI.

Any data you add to MYKI is stored locally on your device and synced P2P across your other

MYKI-enabled devices (desktop, tablet, Apple Watch, etc.). This means that none of your data gets stored on any servers, and is always far out of the reach of hackers and cybercriminals. We ourselves can’t access it either, even if we wanted to.

Only the essentials

Another way MYKI respects the privacy of its users is by only requesting a limited amount of personal information. When creating a MYKI account, all that a user is asked to provide is their phone number.

You are not required to disclose your name, email address, or any other private information. Phone numbers are only collected to allow users to restore their data to a new device and are stored on our servers in a hashed format.

The choice is yours

We also believe in giving our users a choice. Like most apps, MYKI does collect data on how users interact with the app to better understand how we can improve the user experience. However, users are free to opt-out of this by navigating to the Anonymous Data page, located within the Privacy Center section.

It’s also worth noting that MYKI does not record any browsing data, keystrokes, or mouse movements, and does not store any account metadata.

To learn how MYKI handles privacy, visit the Privacy section of the MYKI website.

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